Friday, June 17, 2011


Re: hyles anderson...

agope boarding school is a hyles anderson lead indapentent from the state juvenile delinquent lock down facility.some are quourt ordered there as an alternitive to juvy,some are sent by parents.from 08 on back,it was lead by a directer[son of the founder]brian clemencen.-i believe he has a degree in psychology- from hyles. under his command students where molested,beatan starved."students" wherent able to wash themselves or get care for medical needs.i my self was beatan more then i can recall for openly speaking out against the director. about half way into my three year term there it hit a climax after i had ben beaten to the point that the left side of my face was shreded and my hands where perticuler staff member under his command mr. Graves, the medic for the instalation, would use his skill to torter students who wouldent conform to there denomination.i wont elaberate on that-not know anyway.

the last year and a half some new staff showed who disagreed with the director, and he wasent able to perform his activities as much, was greatly limited at that point cus he was afraid of cps getting word.during the years he was director,his fother[and founder] was afraid to confront his son about his activities and was apeared passive most of the time.was distent,kept himself out of the student bodies eye 08 it got to a climax with the staff who where standing up for the right and brian cus he wonted to go back to his activities and was getting fed up and frustrated.his father couldent ignore the reality of what had happened for years and fired his sun,after which he whent into hideing-down in florida i last herd.a new director came in and cleaned the school up a lot-as far as the illegal stuff is concerned,but i believe proper hygiene and what not is still lacking.
the place is located in stockton mo.